Itineraries map:

In our web you will find a selection of itineraries all over Catalonia which whether due to their cultural, landscape, historical, botanical or faun interest, you will definitely enjoy!!! And we will update them monthly.

Itinerary of your choice:

Just tell us where you would like to go and we will show you several options for you to choose the one which best fits your needs.

Combination itinerary:

For those who think there is more than just walking!!! We can organize easy treks ending up in a gastronomic tasting, wine tasting or in an exciting adventure afternoon in Adventure Park.

Long treks:

For the best hikers!!! Several day hikes spending the night in huts, camp sites, hostels,….

Logistic support:

We can also organize itineraries or treks for you to do on your own, without a guide.


Do you have any target in view? Do you need a training partner on those long trainings? We can also come with you.

Introduction courses:

We can teach you the basics for Orientation, GPS, Snowshoeing, Rescue with ARVA, shovel and prove. And if you are interested learning more, we can tell you a High Mountain Guide of our trust to complete your training.


Do not hesitate to contact us whatever your interests are. We will try to help you put them into practice!!!


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